When will my item ship?

The time it takes to process an order varies. This store is run, maintained, and stocked by a single person and therefore it may take a while to get all orders out! That said, I try my best to drop order batches off at the post office at least once a week, typically over the weekend. (Packing times may be longer if I am managing a higher influx of orders than usual). Once a parcel has been accepted and scanned by USPS, it can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks (domestic) to 3-5 months (international) for a package to arrive. Please be patient, and remember to thank your local postal workers!

What if I pre-ordered something?

Pre-orders will start shipping 1-2 weeks after stock has arrived, with estimated stock times typically noted in the item description.

*IMPORTANT* If you also purchase a non-P.O. item in the same transaction, these items will be delayed so as to ship alongside your pre-order unless you have purchased additional split postage. Your order will ship out once all items are in-hand.

Do you have a pin trade/resell policy?

At the moment I don't have any special guidelines for trading or reselling my pins. If a pin of mine no longer sparks joy for you, you are free to do with it as you wish once it has arrived! I do, however, discourage reselling for highly inflated prices as is common on sites such as Mercari, so if I notice an influx of people taking advantage of my leniency or purchasing my pins for the sole purpose of making a quick buck, then I reserve the right to update my policies at any time.

PLEASE NOTE that for P4P (pay 4 production) projects you may not resell a pin for more than drop/retail + shipping to you + shipping to your buyer (Drop+Ship+Ship). Violations of this policy may result in a ban from future P4P projects.

Do you ship to X country?

At this time I am not taking orders from the UK or Germany on my main site due to shipping restrictions. If you are located in a country that I am currently unable to ship to, please reach out to me directly so that I can prepare a custom listing for you via my Etsy storefront. For time-sensitive purchases (such as pin drops) I highly encourage you to reach out to a drop buddy outside of the UK/Germany as it can take me a bit to prepare listings on an alternate platform and I cannot guarantee that an item will not sell out in the meantime. Please note that for certain items or shop events I am unable to transfer items over to Etsy.

I don't want this item anymore, can I still return it?

All sales are final! Please make sure that you are absolutely sure about a purchase before checking out, I will not entertain refund requests if you are experiencing buyer's remorse.

Can I combine shipping with a previous order?

If the new order is not yet made, please get in touch with me if you would like to combine orders so that I can provide a free shipping voucher for the second order. Remember to write the previous order number in your order notes as well.

NOTE: Due to the nature of certain shop events (Limited pre-orders, special promos, etc) some orders cannot be combined on account of the additional time and labor involved on my part to get large volumes of orders sorted. If you are requesting an order combination after they have been placed in my shop, please be prepared for your request to possibly be rejected depending on how long you wait to get in touch as I may have already prepared your orders for shipment.

Will X pin be restocked?

Items marked "Limited Edition" or LE in the item description will not be restocked since these are intended to be single-run items. I may or may not choose to make variants with alternate platings/effects/colorways, but this depends on multiple factors such as popularity, ease of production, relationship with the manufacturer, production expenses, and my own interest in revisiting that design. I try my best to restock non-LE pins every so often, but in general I prefer keeping my catalog fresh and working on new designs as opposed to continually cycling through previous stock.

What if I've received damaged goods/my order never arrived?

Unfortunately, damage/misplacement during transit is a possibility. While I do my best to provide sufficient protection beforehand, such as providing a tracking number and offering an additional insurance add-on, I am not responsible for the condition of packages after they have left my hands. Often times lost packages are a result of inputting an incorrect address, so please DOUBLE CHECK your information before ordering! It is also a good idea to contact your local post office, as they can sometimes re-route misplaced packages. That said, if an issue with your order does arise feel free to contact me either via email or social media and I'll see what I can do to help.

What if I receive the wrong item?

In the event that you receive the wrong package, please contact me as soon as possible. In this situation, I will work with you to refund your order or exchange the items.

Can I place a custom order of X item (Can you make me X item but with Y)?

Personalization/commissions/customization beyond artist signatures or gift messages are not available at this time.

I have more questions not covered in the FAQ!

Feel free to reach out to me via email or social media! I can be contacted from mintybytes@gmail.com, @mintybytes on twitter/instagram, and @mintybytes_art on twitter.