[Domestic Shipping Insurance Add-on]

[Domestic Shipping Insurance Add-on]

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If you would like to add shipping insurance for up to $100 worth of items, please add this listing to your cart. Your package will be shipped via Priority Mail instead of First Class.


-If you need to file a claim on the insurance, it will be USPS handling the claim. I will not be directly responsible for refunding lost or damaged items before a claim is processed.

-You will have 60 days from the ship date to file an insurance claim.

-I will not entertain requests to refund the add-on fee after your order arrives if you don't end up using the insurance.

-If you plan on combining orders, only one insurance add-on is needed since it will go towards the final shipping cost for the entire package.

-Coverage will only go up to $100 worth of items, even if your order total exceeds that amount. If you would like to insure for more than that amount, please split up your order into multiple transactions and purchase the insurance add-on for each one.