JSHK - Tsuchigomori 1.75" Pearlescent Enamel Pin
JSHK - Tsuchigomori 1.75" Pearlescent Enamel Pin

JSHK - Tsuchigomori 1.75" Pearlescent Enamel Pin

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1.75" black nickel plated enamel

Pearlescent details

Translucent enamel + half-raised metal on the wings

2 horizontal posts

Black rubber clutch backing



Standard/A Grade: Near perfect pins!

B Grade: Minor scuffs or imperfections, such as slight color variations on metal plating or dents on the enamel

Seconds: Highly visible scratches, chips, and dents. Underfilled or missing enamel. Other variations that don't make the cut for A/B grade.

Note: Due to the nature of translucent enamel, nearly all pins have slight overfill that does not detract from the design.

Grading does not account for backside imperfections. Flawed pins will be picked at random from within their own tier. By choosing a B grade/Seconds pin, you agree that you will be receiving a flawed product.

Colors may vary slightly on final product on account of lighting and monitor settings